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Frequent Questions

Q : Does your "Book online" button really work?

A : Absolutely, booking online works really well as you can tell us plenty about your job before we get there!

Q : If I book 10:30 on wednesday morning, will you arrive at 10:30 on wednesday morning?

A : It is really difficult for us to guarantee exact times on any given day (especially when booking well ahead). If you have particular time constraints, add notes to your online booking, or give us a call and we will work it out with you.

Q : Will the technician call me when he is on he's way?
A : When the technician clicks on to your job and is heading towards you; you will get an SMS letting you know how far away he is!

Q : I'm an Estate Agent / Property Manager, can you help?
A : Yes we can, simply email your work orders to us and we will handle the rest from their.

Q : Does your call out fee include "a certain amount of work"?

A : Many common repairs will be covered in the call out fee. Once we know what the issue is with your appliance, we will let you know if there is going to be any further cost or parts before proceeding.

Q : Is there a warranty on the repair?

A : We warrant our service for 3 months. If your appliances has the same issue within the 3 month period give us a call and we will head back out. Parts used will have the manufacturer warranty provided with them, usually 12 months.

Q : How do we pay you?

A : We take payment by cash or card (mobile eftpos) once the technician has finished.

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